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UANL - Autonomous University of Nuevo León

Case Study


UANL (Autonomous University of Nuevo León) is Mexico’s third largest university with 170,000 students, 10,000 faculty, hundreds of data-hungry researchers, and 50,000+ staff spread across seven locations in the northern Mexico state of León.


Like many large public universities operating in multiple locations, UANL needed to provide high-bandwidth connectivity to its student body and faculty. As one of Mexico’s largest universities, UANL needed to find a provider that could deliver 1GB services into their campus network at a low cost with high levels of reliability.

Given the long planning cycles associated with deployment of IT services across large organizations like UANL, the team charged with evaluating potential vendors was also looking for vendors with modern network architectures capable of delivering a broad range of capabilities and services for the long run.

The Solution

When UANL began its evaluation in November of 2012, Transtelco was one of several potential vendors being considered. Although relatively new to the market, after a two-year evaluation period, Transtelco network’s architecture, flexibility, and pricing, along with strong references from other customers, helped the company win the contract to supply 1GB Internet services to UANL and its campus network.

To power their network, Transtelco supplied UANL with a dedicated 1GB fiber connection and, using Transtelco MESH solution, linked UANL’s seven campus locations into a seamless network, providing high-bandwidth connectivity to more than 230,000 students, faculty, and staff every day. Where previously many students went home to access the Internet, today every student, teacher, and researcher has virtually unlimited access from anywhere across the university’s campus network.

Taking advantage of Transtelco’s tight integration with cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google Could, UANL is currently launching a trial deployment of Office 365 suite on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform on its main campus. Contingent on the success, they are preparing to make the product available to students, faculty, and staff across its entire network.

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