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Regional Networks

Regional and National organizations can connect multiple Metro networks in different locations into a single logical network. In the same way, Metro networks allow our customers to virtualize assets and services across multiple facilities within a city. Regional and National networks can be used to virtualize assets, resources, and services across multiple cities.

Using our proprietary MESH multi-point connection technology, customers can virtualize storage, services, telecoms, and other assets to increase access and speed the transfer of mission-critical documents and data within the network between operations in multiple geographies. The resulting network can be connected to suppliers and partners through point-to-point connections and connected to other Metro networks using MESH. Using Transtelco’s TCloud service, Metro networks can also be integrated with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other cloud service offerings.

Enterprise Services

Typical service configurations for Regional and National networks include:

  • Dedicated internet access
  • Metro, regional, and international point-to-point connections
  • Wireless point-to-point
  • MESH multi-point connections
  • Internet Value Added services – Content Filtering, Security, Analytics
  • Voice services
  • Cloud services

Carrier Services

Transtelco provides dedicated carrier level services across its network in Mexico, including:

  • Metro and long haul private line services
  • High-speed dedicated internet access
  • Data center and carrier POP colocation services
  • Domestic, U.S., and international carrier voice termination
  • Wireless Spectrum – 23 Ghz & 10.5 Ghz

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