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Enterprise Services

Transtelco’s Ethernet Services structure provides a full range of fiber, licensed spectrum, application functionality, and third-party software integration to organizations of every size. Our service structure allows organizations to seamlessly integrate facilities, assets, data, and third-party services across multiple geographies in Mexico, the U.S., and abroad.

Private Ethernet Services

Transtelco provides a powerful set of fiber and licensed spectrum Ethernet services designed to help organizations build networks that match their business needs:

  • Point-to-point – Transtelco allows organizations to create, configure, and administer Metro, National, and International point-to-point connections to integrate suppliers and partners into the network.
  • MESH – Transtelco’s MESH software allows organizations to manage multi-point connections within their networks, and logically manage geographically distributed assets.
  • Vision Metrics – VisionMETRIX™ is a comprehensive SLA management and reporting tool. Its secure online portals allow customers to verify service performance against their specific SLA KPIs, such as availability, packet loss, latency, and more, delivering a real-time view that differentiates the service provider.

Dedicated Internet Access

Transtelco provides high-bandwidth single- or multi-line Dedicated Internet Access, and a suite of value-added services to help customers effectively manage their networks:

  • Content Filtering – Transtelco’s fast and reliable solution for content and web filtering. An appropriate solution for the industry or any type of organization – from small business to enterprise based on DNS. Block inappropriate and insecure websites, and get centralized protection and management for decentralized infrastructure.
  • Perimetral Security – Transtelco offers comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats (e.g., ransomware, malicious botnets, zero-day, and encrypted malware) at the Perimetral Zone. Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) provide high-performance, consolidated security for end-to-end protection across the entire network.
  • Netflow Analyzer – Transtelco’s embedded netflow analyzer allows organizations to monitor, analyze, and manage bandwidth and traffic within their networks.
  • Clean Pipe – Transtelco delivers Dedicated Internet Access with an Anti-DDoS solution. Comprehensive, end-to-end protection from the debilitating effects of DDoS attacks.

Colocation Facilities

Transtelco manages data center colocation facilities, integrated with its long haul network, in the following cities:

  • Dallas, Texas
  • El Paso, Texas

Wireless Point-to-Point

Transtelco provides licensed wireless spectrum on the following wavelengths:

  • 23 Ghz
  • 10.5 Ghz

Voice Services

Transtelco provides a full range of VOIP voice services in the following geographies:

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • International

TCloud Connect

Transtelco’s TCloud Connect software allows organizations to seamlessly access and manage leading cloud data and SaaS offerings in Mexico. Current supported platforms include:

  • Amazon AWS (Direct Connect)
  • Microsoft Azure (ExpressRoute)
  • Google Cloud
  • Oracle

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