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Customer Stories

Spanning the US and Mexico, we have partnered with an array of clients across industries to help solve their challenges and provide competitive yet cost effective solutions that meet their business goals. Whether it’s IT, manufacturing, education, finance, or large and medium enterprise, we understand that high speed connections, increased bandwidth, consistent data transfers, and reliable customer service are key. See how we have helped our clients overcome their unique challenges below.

Stanton House

Fast and reliable internet and extreme broadband were all key things Stanton House, a boutique hotel in El Paso, needed to create a seamless customer experience. Learn how Transtelco not only brought technological expertise but also local insights to elevate customers’ stay at the Stanton House.


As a key supplier in the global automotive supply chain, Yazaki NA operates 25+ factories and distribution locations across Mexico, supplying electrical harness solutions to American, Asian, and European auto manufacturers.


As an international consulting organization with a focus on financial services systems integration, Oreico operates in a fluid, high-speed market environment where data security and infrastructure reliability are at a premium. The company provides custom infrastructure, compliance, telecommunications, and web services/security solutions to global banks.

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