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Transtelco is a leading provider of telecommunications services between the US and Mexico, providing voice and data services to Fortune 1000 companies, telecommunications, and cable companies over a fiber optic network that spans 10,000KM between both countries.


Transtelco is led by entrepreneurial tele-communications professionals from both sides of the border.

Miguel Fernandez

CEO, Director & Co-Founder

Miguel serves as CEO of Transtelco which he co-founded in 2001. The company is one of a small number of telecommunications service providers that cover both the U.S. and Mexico, providing voice and data services to Fortune 1000 companies, telecommunications, and cable companies, over a fiber optic network that spans 10,000KM between both countries. In this position, Mr. Fernandez is responsible for the execution and implementation of the strategic goals and objectives of the organization, including overall budgets, and mergers and acquisitions. He graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1998, with bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance.

Rodrigo Fernandez

CFO, Director & Co-Founder

Rodrigo is responsible for overseeing Transtelco’s financial management, reporting and controls, and administration. He has been with the Company since Day 1, overseeing all regulatory and compliance commitments relating to the Mexican Government concession, as well as raising capital to execute the Company’s growth strategy. He is a member of the El Paso del Norte Group – an El Paso based organization of businessmen. Mr. Fernandez graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a B.A. in Finance and Business Administration. He managed a multimillion dollar cross-border acquisition in 2013, and ensured all synergies were completed within a six month turn around.

Arturo Iglesias

CTO & Director

Arturo is responsible for outside plant construction, design standards, asset acquisitions, and overseeing all transport network design. He brings over ten years of experience in the telecommunications industry to the management team. Prior to joining Transtelco, Arturo founded ITELP, an organization that provided telecommunications and IT consulting services, and was CIO of Leadwood Export Finance. Arturo graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Hugo Nava


Hugo is responsible for Transtelco’s day-to-day operations including provisioning, customer service, and support. He is also responsible for the process standardization of information systems used by the company. Hugo graduated from Universidad La Salle with a B.A. in Informatics and recently graduated from the Directive Perfection Program (AD2) at the IPADE Business School in Mexico.

Fernando Machado


As the Chief Revenue Officer, Fernando is responsible for all strategy and results within Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Transtelco.  With 20+ years of telecommunications industry experience in different countries of Latin America such as  Mexico, Brasil and Argentina. Prior to joining Transtelco, 2 years ago, he was CEO of Metrored Mexico for 7 years. Fernando graduated from the Universidad de la Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a B.S. of Electronic Engineering.

Edgar Anthony Mosti

VP of Wholesale Network Services

Edgar is responsible for Wholesale Sales, Marketing and Carrier Relations. Edgar created Transtelco’s Wholesale Network Services Division 8 years ago. Prior to Transtelco Edgar’s career in Telecom spans 24 years and has held numerous VP and Director positions with well recognized companies such as Sprint, Qwest, CSW Energy, Kinder Morgan, Level 3 and Grande. Edgar has a BBA in Marketing and MIS from St. Mary’s University as well as Graduate Certificates from Rice University in Management, Finance and Accounting.

Alejandro J. Guzman

VP of Enterprise Sales and Business Development

Alejandro is responsible for overseeing the sales efforts to the Enterprise customers, including the growth of opportunities through Sales and Marketing Initiatives, and the execution of Pipeline Conversion to Sales, marketing strategies, business development, product development, and sales team training. He is also responsible for the selection and opening of new sales operations. Alejandro graduated from Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey with a B.A. in Informatics and Systems.

Mary Jane Anderson

VP of Finance/Corporate Treasurer

Mary Jane oversees the company’s financial reporting, treasury, and budgeting process that guides short-term and strategic results. Prior to Transtelco, Mary Jane served as VP of Finance for Verde Realty, an Industrial REIT in Houston, Texas, managing all treasury operations, financial planning, and asset management. Before that, she was the Assistant Treasurer at Hudson Advisors LLC (The Lone Star Funds) in Dallas, Texas where she was responsible for the hedging portfolio, cash management, and lines of credit. Mary Jane holds a B.A. from Austin College and an MBA from the University of Dallas.

Chase M. Killeen

VP of Corporate Development & Strategy

Chase is responsible for sourcing, analyzing and executing on acquisition opportunities, developing and maintaining relationships with potential equity and debt financing sources and executing on those transactions and developing and analyzing organic strategic and financial opportunities for the overall business. Prior to Transtelco, Chase was a Vice President at MC Credit Partners (“MCCP”), a middle-market direct lending fund. While at MCCP, Chase structured the credit facility that Transtelco used to acquire XC Networks in 2013 and worked closely with the Company until formally joining Transtelco in 2016. Before MCCP, Chase worked as an investment banker at Stifel Nicolaus. Chase graduated from Michigan State University, with honors, and holds a B.A. in Finance.

Jorge Robles Nettel

VP of Finance/Corporate Risk Manager

Jorge is responsible for overseeing taxes and regulations, risk management, and real estate matters. Prior to Transtelco, Jorge was VP of Investments and Finance for Brookfield Logistics Properties, and was responsible for the investment and asset management activities across Mexico and South Texas. He was responsible for implementing complex financial structures in Mexico and the US, totaling more than $500 million in capital markets transactions. Jorge graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in 2000 with a B.A. in Accounting and Finance.


Since its founding in 2001, Transtelco has focused on progressively building out its high speed network infrastructure, and service offerings designed to address the needs of leading Fortune 1000 companies.


Juarez, MX Operations Initiated


Seamless Border Service With Operations Launched In El Paso, TX


Attained Concession To Operate Local Telephone Network Through Mexico’s SCT


Commenced Full Service Establishing El Paso-Juarez Fiber Crossing and Expanded To California And Baja, Mexico


El Paso, TX Metropolitan Fiber Network Is Completed And Interconnected To The Juarez, MX Network


Completion Of First Long Haul Project (273 Miles) Between Juarez And Chih. Mexico


Began Mexicali, MX Operations and Built International Fiber Networks Between Reynosa, MX And McAllen, TX, And Nogales, MX And Nogales, AZ


Mexico’s SCT Grants Concession To Operate Long Distance Network In Mexico


Acquired Company Owning The Long Haul Network From Laredo, TX To Mexico City, Spanning 1410 Miles, And A 110 Mile Network In Mexico City


Acquired XC Networks and Started El Paso, TX To Dallas, TX Long Haul Route


Reached Full Integration & Synergies


Completed El Paso To Dallas Long Haul Route

"Services has been extremely stable, no major issues in the five or so years we've been doing business, highly recommended service provider."

Roger Garcia


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