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Today fast, flexible networks are the foundation of every successful organization.

Transtelco delivers high-performance enterprise and carrier class network services to domestic and transnational companies. Our scalable, transparent network architecture allows our customers to configure services and assets to fit their business requirements, sharing resources and capabilities across metro, national, and transnational networks. We manage all aspects of our service, including installation, servicing, monitoring, and network management, which allows us to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Our Architecture

Transtelco’s extensive fiber and wireless assets in major Mexican and U.S. border cities, coupled with our MESH multi-point connection technology and 4,733 miles of dedicated long-haul networks, allow our partners to configure and manage networks of any size and complexity. Our high-capacity network spans 7,497 route miles, including 2,764 metro route miles, reaching 34 metro markets, connecting to 2,223 on-net fiber locations, and 14 of 26 unique border crossings along the U.S./Mexico border.

Metro Networks

Transtelco’s Metro network architecture allows organizations to integrate distributed facilities, resources, and assets into a seamless city-level network. The same infrastructure provides high-performance carrier level services to wholesale customers in Mexico and the United States.

Regional Networks

Customers with facilities across multiple cities can use Transtelco’s infrastructure and services to construct regional networks, connecting multiple locations, partners, and assets into a single logical network.

Transnational Networks

Global organizations can connect National and Regional networks within Mexico with offices in the U.S. and overseas, using long haul connections to create virtual networks that span the globe, sharing assets, services, and resources.

Transtelco provides a full range of enterprise and carrier class services through our dedicated metro, national, and long haul networks.

Carrier Network Services

Transtelco provides a full range of carrier class network services, connectivity and service solutions that, coupled with our MESH multi-point connection software, allow enterprise customers to create and manage complex network service architectures across multiple geographies.

Enterprise Network Services

Transtelco provides a full range of connectivity and service solutions that allow enterprise customers to create and manage complex network service architectures across multiple geographies.

How We Work

In a lot of ways, we’re like the organizations we work with – methodical, patient, and deliberate. Everything has to be done right, and doing it right takes time. Over the years, since we started Transtelco, we’ve learned to be patient. It takes time to build out a Metro network, and it takes time for our customers to evaluate what we have to offer, get to know us, and see that it works. That’s OK with us. Typically, most of our partnerships start out with a single dedicated Internet connection. But over time, our partners see that we can help them in other ways, and trust us to help them make their networks more powerful, and more successful.

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